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The Official James J. Carey Personal Coat of Arms


Then Navy Captain Carey as Commodore of Naval Beach Group TWO during Amphibious Operations with the Marine Corps at "The Anzio Beaches"


Admiral Carey as Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission


Admiral Carey at The White House under President Reagan portrait: St. Patrick's Day Reception: 2006


Admiral Carey greets President Ronald Reagan at The White House


Admiral Carey With President George H. W. Bush in the Oval Office at The White House


Official Navy Photo of newly-promoted Captain James J. Carey


Captain Jim Carey during his Naval Beach Group service


LTjg Jim Carey during his Junior Officer days aboard U.S.S. TOPEKA [CLG-8] in the South China Sea off Vietnam


The Powerhouse U. S. S. TOPEKA Volleyball Team in Hong Kong, where a local grade school team of amazing kids stomped these "American Giants" 21-4


ENSIGN Jim Carey aboard U. S. S. TOPEKA [CLG-8] during Western Pacific deployment in 1964


National Ceremonies honoring Lincoln's Birthday, 2008, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, with Jim Carey as one of the speakers


Lincoln's Birthday, Lincoln Memorial, 2008. If you think of Washington, DC as in the South "and warm", note the gloves Jim is wearing as he speaks


Admiral Carey's Daughter Lynn as Debutante at the National Debutante Cotillion of Washington, DC in 1983


Admiral Carey's Daughter Sarah as a Debutante at the National Debutante Cotillion of Washington, DC in 1983


Admiral Carey at formal Navy Reception with two Navy shipmates


Reagan Administration Cabinet & SubCabinet Officials at President Reagan's Funeral: Maritime Commission Chairman Jim Carey is 2nd from left, standing


Admiral Carey's wife Arlene, on their wedding day: 1996

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