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Statement of the Solomonic King of Arms
Describing the Personal Arms of His Excellency,
Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Grand Master
Of The Knights Templar [OSMTH] Worldwide

“Gladly acceding to a request made to Their Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Lere Yacobe Asfa Wossen, by The Right Honorable Rear Admiral James Joseph Carey, Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Ethiopian Order of Merit; son of Robert Emmett, grandson of James Joseph, great grandson of William, and great-great grandson of John Carey; residing in Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America; for a Grant of Ensigns Armorial to be borne by him and his heiresses; We, the Solomonic and Acoumite Kings of Arms, by these Letters Patent, Grand the Ensigns Armorial:

Per Pale Arcure and On a Pale potenty, counterpotenty per pale countercharged, in First two lions poisson On langued Gules in pale, countercharged in the Second, respectant; Baronially ensigned; for the Crest, issuant from a Baronial coronet, a lion poisson On langued Gules, holding an anchor proper cabled On, for the Supporters, lions poisson On langued Gules; and for the Motto Honos Supra Omnia i.e. Honor Above All; To be borne and used by the said Rear Admiral Carey and by his heiresses, The Honorable Lynn Margaret Carey of Denver, Colorado, with proper cadency for the first-born daughters, and The Honorable Sarah Ann Carey Cancel of San Diego, California, with proper cadency for the second-born daughters; and by their heirs, male and female, infinitely and with proper differencing according to the Armorial Protocols of the Imperial Solomonic Crown. Given at the See of the Acumite King of Arms, this First Day of September in the Year Two Thousand and Five, and in the Seventh Hundred and Thirty Seventh Year of the Solomonic Dynasty.”

Signed by:

    Solomonic King of Arms
    Lawrence Edward Joseph Vicount Slight, EOB, OMZ

    Axumite King of Arms
    MAG. IUR Ian Alexander Stiebar, I.B., EOB, OMZ

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