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Welcome to the James J. Carey Website

As many who know Jim Carey will confirm, Jim has spent a lifetime involved in a variety of organizations while at the same time pursuing dual career paths in the military, the federal government, and national public policy in America. As a result, there is probably no one that knows about all of these involvements, and most know very little about a majority of them, and that is the purpose of this web site. While no single site could possibly cover all aspects of Jim's numerous careers and involvements, the purpose of this site is to provide at least some basic information on ALL of his efforts and linkages and affiliations. It is very much "a work in progress" and will be for the remainder of his life. As Jim Carey is fond of saying, "Much remains to be done, so let's get at it". And that is, in part, the purpose of this web site.

Since Jim's retirement from both uniformed military service as a Navy Rear Admiral and federal government service as Chairman of the U. S. Federal Maritime Commission, his current focus has evolved into a broad range of business, investments, public service, national and international public policy, both corporate and national defense/veterans Boards of Directors, Youth Leadership Programs, "Giving Back To America" philanthropic endowments, intellectual research, and on-going interest and involvement in the entire fabric that makes up the whole cloth of America. He continues his daily involvement in public policy programs and projects serving as the Managing Director of Business/Government Strategies LLC, he manages the investments and assets of the Carey Family Trusts, he is the elected National Chairman and CEO of THE FLAG & GENERAL OFFICERS' NETWORK of 3700+ Admirals and Generals, and he serves on the Board of Directors of Pivotal Therapeutics Inc. in Toronto, Canada, and the Boards of the Aurora Foundation, the Call of Duty Endowment Foundation, the Admiral Carey Foundation, the Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation, the General Ray Davis Templar Trust, the Future Leaders for America Foundation, the National Defense Committee, the Reagan Administration Alumni Association, the National Military & Veterans Alliance [NMVA], the Canadian Defence Foundation, the National Defense Foundation, and the Distinguished Scholars of Canada Foundation. Plus he continues his extensive involvement in the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs, support for youth leadership development through his service as Virginia State Chairman of the National Debutante Cotillion, and his continuing service in the Admiral Carey Foundation Military Veterans Program, Men of Accomplishment Program, Women of Achievement Program, and the Eagle Scout Fellows Program of the Admiral Carey Foundation, and the United Nations Youth Assembly Program and the SILENT KNIGHT "Service To Humanity" Programs of the Good Samaritans Foundation. In 2014, he was appointed Director of the American MENSA Hi-IQ Society Human Genome Research Special Interest Group. He also assumed the full-time duties of Chief Investment Management Officer for the endowment portfolios of the Admiral Carey Foundation, the Good Samaritans Foundation, and the Carey Family Trusts.

In an effort to help you find more specific information on Admiral Carey's various wide-ranging and interwoven involvements, partnerships, investments, initatives, joint-ventures, endowments, alliances, sponsorships, youth leadership programs, international outreach, charities, education programs, leadership training projects, and humanitarian-aid engagements, we've compiled the following list of website links that will take you direct to specific organizations or narratives or listings that may be of interest and that are each, in their own way, threads interwoven into and a part of the whole cloth that makes up "The Carey Group Commitments To Humanity"



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The Flag & General Officers' Network
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National Defense Committee U. S. Navy
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The Reagan Administration Executive Level Presidential Appointees Organization
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National Military & Veterans Alliance [NMVA]
Alliance for Military & Overseas Voting Rights [AMOVR]
Associations for America's Defense [A4AD]
Royal Canadian Military Institute
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Distinguished Scholars of Canada
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Science in Service to Humanity Foundation
World War I 100th Anniversary Commemoration Foundation
Berlin, WI Historical Society Website
The Carey Group Commitments to Humanity
The Admiral Carey Foundation, Inc. Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation Future Leaders for America Foundation
Washington Scholars Fellowship Program
Zeta Psi Fraternity Educational Foundation
The Knights Templar Military Order
The Call of Duty Endowment Foundation
The Aurora Foundation

The National Debutant Cotillion of Washington, DC

MENSA Society Human Genome Research Special Interest Group


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National Defense Political Action Committee

Growing Up in Berlin, WI

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The Reagan Administration

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IRAQ: Cardinal Bidawid

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Zeta Psi Fraternity

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George Washington's Estate at Mount Vernon: The LIFE GUARD